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Reverse Lookup is an Android app that simplifies the act of finding the identity of an unknown caller.

With just a click, Reverse Lookup will search several public directories to identify a mystery number. It will even look to user-generated directories if no official results are found.

After caller info is found, the user has several options:

  • View a map of where the phone is registered
  • Save the caller as a contact
  • Block future calls from this caller
  • Search Google and other search engines for more info
  • Copy data to clipboard for use in other apps

For screenshots and more information, see the app’s listing on the Play Store(link above).

An ad-free version is also available. (Reverse Lookup Plus)

reverse lookup map screenreverse lookup results for YoutubeNotes:

Although they are frequently requested features(and we would love to be able to add them), there are three things that this app cannot possibly do(nor can any other app):

  1. Lookup most cell phone numbers – There is no public directory of cell phone numbers so they are difficult to look up. Reverse Lookup can usually identify the number’s carrier, but little beyond that. (with some exceptions)
  2. Identify BLOCKED numbers – Blocked numbers are completely unseen to your phone, so it’s impossible to unveil them.
  3. Locate a cell phone by GPS – Imagine the security implications if you could locate a stranger via the GPS on their phone! Thankfully, this isn’t possible. The locations returned by Reverse Lookup refer to the area where the phone number was originally registered.

** If you are only seeing outgoing calls on the app’s main screen, this probably applies to you: Motorola/Verizon Users **

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