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Game Manual

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Sin City Video poker brings all the excitement of video poker machines out of Vegas and onto your computer or Android device. If you’ve ever played video poker, you’ll feel right at home. We’ve taken care to capture the look and feel that you’ve been familiar with for years. This version of the game contains two popular video poker variations – Jacks or Better and Joker Poker. It also features multiple bet denominations, statistics logging, and a persistent save file. Whether you just want to have some fun, or use the app to practice for a trip to a real casino, this is the app for you.

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Basic Tips for playing Sin City Video Poker:

Play max bets – Especially when you’re playing with fake money, you’ll want to maximize your bet to bring in the biggest returns for each hand. You can press the denomination button in the center to increase the amount of each bet.

Understand the pay schedule – Take a moment to review the pay schedule so you know which hands are going to return the biggest win for your bet.

Practice. Practice. Practice. – Poker is an age-old game that is nearly impossible to master, so the best way to get better is just to practice as much as possible.

Learn when to take risks – Sometimes just winning back your bet is too easy a path to take. Playing conservatively is not always the best option, and you should learn when to take a risk on completing a big hand like a straight or a flush. You may miss them a bunch, but when you do get it right, the satisfaction can be immeasurable.