Reverse Lookup Updated (twice)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Last night we pushed out Reverse Lookup 3.1.7 which provides fixes for unintended notifications due to bad contact detection as well as a fix for a bug experienced by some T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers that caused the app’s traffic to be wrongly detected as tethered desktop traffic.

This morning we noticed some new crashes in the dev console, so we quickly solved those and pushed version 3.1.8 to the Play Store. We also implemented the aforementioned carrier fix for CSpire customers.

We will continue monitoring to determine if any other carriers are detecting our traffic as tethering data.

Both of these updates were published for both the free and paid version of the app on the Play Store and will be available within a few hours of this post. The update will make it to Amazon customers within the next two weeks.