Reverse Lookup update hitting Monday

Check out the Android Market on Monday morning for a new update for Reverse Lookup.

This one focuses on polishing the user experience and includes:

  • Fixes a condition where notifications would be shown for known contacts.
  • Cleaner main screen layout
  • Background tweaks to make displayed data more consistent



Just want to apologize if you’re still waiting for the Reverse Lookup update I promised before the holiday weekend. It was pushed back a bit(obviously) but this weekend or early next week is looking really good!


Diet Points Calculator 2.0 is out!

We missed our target of Thanksgiving by a few days, but we’re happy to announce that Diet Points Calculator 2.0 is now available on the Android Market.

Use the link to the right to read all about it and scan the barcode below to try it for yourself!

If you don’t want all of the new features, you can still obtain the old version by using this barcode to download Diet Points Calculator Classic: