Christmas Catch Updated For 2015


santa christmas catch
Just in time for the big day, we’ve published an update to our little Christmas game, Christmas Catch, to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

The game features simple gameplay that’s perfect for kids or anyone that just has a few minutes to kill here and there. It also features a countdown to Christmas to help build anticipation.

The game is completely free with no in-app purchases, so download it today and enjoy it while you wait for Santa to arrive later this month!



Get it on Google Play 

Thank You


As we move towards the end of the year, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to every one of our users. We want you to know that your support and feedback keeps us going and makes this all possible. from all of us, to all of you, we hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Reverse Lookup mapping update


We recently became aware that some results with locations were not properly mapping in the app. We have applied a patch and these type of results should once again be functioning properly.

Please shoot us an email if you come across a result with a location that does not map properly.


Reverse Lookup Updated (twice)


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Last night we pushed out Reverse Lookup 3.1.7 which provides fixes for unintended notifications due to bad contact detection as well as a fix for a bug experienced by some T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers that caused the app’s traffic to be wrongly detected as tethered desktop traffic.

This morning we noticed some new crashes in the dev console, so we quickly solved those and pushed version 3.1.8 to the Play Store. We also implemented the aforementioned carrier fix for CSpire customers.

We will continue monitoring to determine if any other carriers are detecting our traffic as tethering data.

Both of these updates were published for both the free and paid version of the app on the Play Store and will be available within a few hours of this post. The update will make it to Amazon customers within the next two weeks.

Iterate Fast and Release Often


“Iterate fast and release often” is a philosophy of software development that we embrace whole heartedly here. You may have noticed a lot of updates to Reverse Lookup the past few days, and with these updates, some genuinely funky results(but also some very good ones, we feel!).

We wanted to apologize for the issues and ensure everyone that we are tweaking to make our results as good as possible, so expect to see a few more updates this week including one today, to v3.1.5.

This version is already published to the Play Store and we highly recommend that you grab it as soon as it becomes available to you. The same update will hit for paid users later on tonight.

As always, thank you for using Reverse Lookup and please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Reverse Lookup 3.1.1 has been published


The update we tipped you off to the other day has been published. The new version is 3.1.1 and features a fix for the issue some users have experienced where most searches did not return results even though they should have.

It also introduces some cell phone data in search results. This is still experimental and may be limited in scope so please bear with us. Cell phone data is generally not publicly available but we are always working to provide as much data on these numbers as possible without violating our users’ privacy.

The update has been published as of this posting and will be available in the Play Store within a few hours.

Thanks as always,- and as always, let us know if you experience any issues.

Update incoming!


Hey everyone, just writing a quick note to let you all know that an update for Reverse Lookup and Reverse Lookup PLUS is imminent.

This is a maintenance release that solves an issue some users have had when looking up certain numbers, so it should improve results for those affected.

We expect the update to go live for everyone by Friday, if not sooner. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Reverse Lookup 3.1 BETA


reverse lookup for android

Just a super quick note to end the day – Reverse Lookup 3.1 has just been published to our beta channel on Google Play and will be available in the next few hours. This update adds several dark and light themes so you can match the app to your personal style.

If you’d like to preview this version , you can join our beta testing community here. We expect to push the update to everyone else by the end of the upcoming weekend assuming that testing looks promising.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Reverse Lookup 3.0 is live! (and more!)




If you have automatic updates turned on, you’ve probably already received it, but we just wanted to let everyone know that Reverse Lookup 3.0 is now officially available on Google Play (coming soon on Amazon).

Reverse Lookup Free:

Google Play

Reverse Lookup PLUS:

Google Play

In this version, you’ll find lots of material design elements, a few bug fixes, and a refined and rethought user experience. As usual, if you have any issues, please shoot us an email and let us know.

We’re not done yet, though – in the next version of Reverse Lookup, we’ll implement themes for those of you who prefer a lighter look. Paid users will also receive some alternate color choices in case you don’t like red. Eventually we’ll make some of the alternate color themes available to free users as well, but we’ll probably require you to unlock them somehow whereas paid users will get them right off the bat.

That’s all for now. Please enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out in the next couple weeks as we continue to update!

Living in a Material World – Reverse Lookup 3.0 Preview


Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been hard at work applying more and more polish to Reverse Lookup. We’re not quite ready to release it just yet, but we wanted to show a few screenshots of the direction we’re moving in.

In this release, as you can see, we’re bringing the app’s design up to date with a Material-inspired overhaul. Check out these screenshots for a small taste of what to expect:

reverse lookup material designreverse lookup material designThis update won’t stop with design updates though. Don’t worry – nothing is going to be drastically different, but you’re going to notice small details throughout the app that we’ve rethought for this update. We hope you’ll appreciate them as much as we think you will. We’ve also included several bug fixes and lots of internal code cleanup and optimizations. That last bit won’t affect you as a user, but it’s always helpful for us to drop as much cruft as possible.

That’s all for now. As mentioned above, this update is planned to be available within the next few weeks, so please keep your eyes open for it.