On Reverse Lookup and Ad Blockers

Wow. Today we published an experimental update to Reverse Lookup that stops the app from running without ads. Apparantly, a lot of you are running these blocking apps and you’re not happy that we don’t want you using our work for free.

Maybe it was a little forward to prompt you to uninstall that application, I’ll give you that. But malicious? Not in the least. The app does NOTHING behind the scenes as far as uninstalling anything. It simply sent you to the uninstall screen for that app. The choice was yours.

Anyway,.. we’re meeting your community in the middle. We’ve removed the prompt to uninstall the ad blockers, and you can once again use the app. Ad revenue funds our continued work on the application, and we’re disappointed that you’re choosing not to support our efforts.. but at the end of the day we could have handled this better, and we will. Starting now.