Some news..

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know we have the latest update to Reverse Lookup coming up soon(estimated release 7/4).

This update brings:

  • background improvements
  • a new “one click” mode, which makes it faster for those of you who primarily launch the app only to look up the most recent unknown caller. 
  • experimental steps to supporting SIP callers in the call log

edit: forgot to mention earlier, that the next update will officially drop support for Android 1.5 in the Market version. I suspect this will affect very few users. If there is demand, we will post alternative updates on this site for those users.. but it will probably be every other update that hits the market, unless there is something very important.

Also, the version you currently have installed will continue to work, of course. You just won’t see further updates.

    In other news..

    We’re nearing the release of our first game! It’s a puzzle/logic game for Honeycomb tablets and it’s coming along great. It will be free/ad supported, and we’re planning on supporting it down the road with plenty of additional content(both free and cheap in-app purchases).

    That’s all I can share at the moment, so check back here for more details later on.

    That’s all for now, have a wonderful holiday weekend!