Reverse Lookup User-Submitted Questions

I want to be able to pick numbers out of my contacts to put right to voicemail. Does this do that?

That doesn’t really fall under an intended use, but you could always use manual entry to lookup any number you want, even if it’s in your contacts. Then from the results screen just hit block.

However, depending on which manufacturer skin your phone has, you might be able to block numbers just by editing the contact and checking the “send to voicemail” option on.


Where do you pull your phone number data from? I looked up my number (which I have had for over 20 years) and the information was marginally incorrect. I would like to correct it.

The call data is pulled from a variety of different sources, but it boils down to publicly available information that starts with your phone company.It’s possible that they have the wrong information, or the republishers haven’t updated their records in some time.

If the issue is the republishers, there won’t be a way to force them to update.. so my best advice is to make sure your phone company has the information up to date and that should flow down to everyone else in some time.


I have a LG Optimus S phone. Your Reverse Number app works great except on thing. It seems to have a mine of its own, when it wants to update looking a my call log. What controls the app, to lookup my call log. Is there anyway I can tell it to update it, so I can see a current listing? Jim

Hi Jim,

Thanks for checking out the app. The app updates the numbers each time it relaunches, which is less frequently on newer phones with lots of RAM.

So, there is an “invisible” feature that lets you force an update! Just exit the app all the way using your phone’s BACK key until you hit your home screen. At this point, the app has been forced to close completely. It should show the current call log when you relaunch it. To be totally sure, open the call log once before relaunching RL to force your phone to refresh it’s call log cache.


When I block a number… it shows up in my address book, beginning with the letters zz, even when I delete the numbers from my call log. Is there a way to get these number to not add to my address book?

The app simplifies Android’s built-in ability to block contacts from calling, so a contact has to be created for each blocked number. We tack zz_ onto them to ensure they stay pinned to the very bottom of your contact list.

Another option, if your phone’s implementation allows, would be to create a contact group for those numbers, and then have it hidden from your main contacts display. This is phone dependent so we can’t provide specific support for this option.