With the latest update of Reverse Lookup, I can’t seem to find out how to enter a manual number. Even if I configure it for manual entry as default, all I get is my call log. The menu button only offers an upsell to PLUS, a preferences page, and a Help/About page. How do I enter a manual number

If you are on Android 4.0 and up, you can access manual entry mode by pressing the handset icon in the Action Bar of the main screen.

As a general Android tip, you can long press icons in any app’s actionbar, and instead of activating that button, you will see the icons text label.


My home phone number came up with my deceased Mother’s name. She has never been associated with this phone number. How does that happen. Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill, 

It’s hard to say how it happened in any specific situation, but somehow your local phone company associated the name and number at some point(and the association is still published somewhere).

For more specific information about it you should contact your phone company to find out how they made that association.

Even though we can’t really help, we’re sorry for the confusion!


The sending a blocked number to voice mail stopped working when I updated my Motorola RAZR MAXX to ICS. Are you working on a fix? Everything seems to be setup correctly. I even tried deleting the number from my contacts, and re adding it. It still rings my phone like any other number.

In a recent update, we switched the blocking method from a deprecated method to the current, correct method. Unfortunately, it seems that the “correct” way is less dependable than the deprecated way.

In the next version of the app(estimated release by Monday 7/9), we will include a preference that will allow you to fall back to the deprecated method. The only downside to that method is that you must have a My Contacts group. A very small number of people don’t have this group, but we’re not sure why. It probably has to do with the minority of people who do not sync their contacts to Google.

As always thank you for the feedback!


Can you make a mobile web version for those of us on iPhone? I love your app on my android but need some way to do quick lookups on my iPhone. There are no apps on iPhone or web based that return such great results as your reverse lookup app. Again I understand and don’t care that you cant acces the call log (unless jail broken) on iPhone, but of you look at what number guru used to be (it now sucks) you can give iPhone users a great alternative to do quick lookup. Thanks!

Sorry, we’re solely focused on Android at the moment.


a bogota columbia called my cell treis to call it back have the number on my caller id how do i find out who it was to call back

I’m not sure what you’re asking..

First, Reverse lookup only handles US calls as noted in it’s app description. Second, if you have the number.. just call it back?

I’m sorry if this doesn’t answer your question.. i think we have a bit of a language barrier