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Crash fix for Motorola Razr owners (Reverse Lookup)

Hi all. Just had a back-and-forth with a user who was having issues with the app crashing on his Razr phone after receiving Verizon’s 4.1.2 update. Apparantly this update causes many issues with the device, one being that some apps actually lose their permissions!

The user was able to solve the issue by uninstalling Reverse Lookup and then reinstalling. This forces the phone to re-accept the needed permissions.

This information will be added to the FAQ as well.


I too am looking for mobile/web access. As the other poster noted please look at number guru on iphone (it doesnt work anymore, they don’t update their database and their results suck) used to like how guru made a spam contact to block spammers. If you made an iphone app I would gladly pay for it and highly recommend it. I love your android app and the accurate results. If no to iphone app please at least consider a mobile website version for web access to your database.

Thanks for checking out the app. Unfortunately there will never be an iOS version of it. We’re simply not interested in diving into the games that Apple plays with it’s developers. 

A web version is definitely a possibility, but it would take some time if we decide to go ahead with that. 


what do i do if unblocking doesn’t work

To unblock a number, go into your contacts, scroll all the way down, and any contacts you’ve blocked with the app are listed as zzBlocked_.. ..delete the one you want to unblock.

If that doesn’t work, it means that you have another copy of the contact blocked independent of Reverse Lookup. Also, press your phones menu buttons, and then “contacts to show”, and make sure you are viewing all contacts. The wording may be slightly different depending on your device.


With the latest update of Reverse Lookup, I can’t seem to find out how to enter a manual number. Even if I configure it for manual entry as default, all I get is my call log. The menu button only offers an upsell to PLUS, a preferences page, and a Help/About page. How do I enter a manual number

If you are on Android 4.0 and up, you can access manual entry mode by pressing the handset icon in the Action Bar of the main screen.

As a general Android tip, you can long press icons in any app’s actionbar, and instead of activating that button, you will see the icons text label.


My home phone number came up with my deceased Mother’s name. She has never been associated with this phone number. How does that happen. Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill, 

It’s hard to say how it happened in any specific situation, but somehow your local phone company associated the name and number at some point(and the association is still published somewhere).

For more specific information about it you should contact your phone company to find out how they made that association.

Even though we can’t really help, we’re sorry for the confusion!