Reverse Lookup 3.1.20 Now Live


Happy Labor Day!

The latest version of Reverse Lookup, 3.1.20 is now at 100% distribution through the Google Play Store. All users should be able to grab the update within the next few hours.

This rollout began a few days ago, so if you’ve received an update earlier this week, you’re probably already running the latest version.

This release fixes a few bugs and further improves search results. Reverse Lookup PLUS is expected to receive it’s equivalent update within the next few days.

Thanks, and please shoot us an email if you have any issues or questions.

Reverse Lookup Update Rollout Complete


Just a quick note to let everyone know that the previously announced update for Reverse Lookup is now going live for all users, so if you have not received the update in the past couple weeks, you should see it available on the Play Store starting in the next few hours.

We’re also going to be releasing a followup update in the next 2 weeks to further improve search results. PLUS users will receive both updates rolled into one on both Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Stay tuned for updates on this next update, and as usual please let us know if you have any questions.

Reverse Lookup Garbled Search Results


UPDATE: The issue has been resolved and an update is now available in the Play Store.

Original Post:

We’re aware of an issue that is currently causing Reverse Lookup and Reverse Lookup PLUS to return a small amount of search results with garbled information. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will update when the issues are resolved.

UPDATE: Colordu Color Sudoku v1.0.5-1.0.8


colorduA new update for Colordu Color Sudoku is now live on the Play Store. In addition to aesthetic updates, we’ve split off support for different platforms into individual APKs, so your device’s hardware dictates which version you will receive. End result – much smaller storage requirements!

These changes won’t hit the web version until later this year, so be sure to grab it on Android if you want to check out what’s new.

Colordu on Google Play

Oh, and if you play one of our other Android games, you can expect to see a similar size-reducing update in the next 2-3 weeks as we are currently working on rolling out these changes to our entire library.

All about Caller ID mode in Reverse Lookup PLUS


android caller idEarlier this week, we pushed out version 3.1.12 of Reverse Lookup PLUS. This update includes a few minor bug fixes, but the real focus here is improvements to the experimental caller id mode.

Because this option has been fairly unknown up until now, we thought it might be beneficial to go over it briefly.

So, what is it? Well, it’s called “Caller ID mode”, so take a guess! Yes, this option will (attempt to) identify incoming calls while the phone is ringing. There are two caveats here, though – your carrier must support simultaneous voice and data and we must have data for the caller cached in our main database. If the caller id can’t identify the caller, it doesn’t mean that the app itself won’t get a hit, just that the data isn’t cached and readily available yet. (So it’s definitely worthwhile to check the main app if caller id fails!)

Enabling Caller ID Mode – To enable Caller ID Mode, open Reverse Lookup PLUS , navigate to the Settings screen, and toggle it on.

Positioning – Pretty much every device has a different incoming call display, so it would have been impossible for us to choose a perfect location to display caller id. For this reason, you can simply drag the caller id display up or down to best fit your phone’s incoming call screen. When you settle on a position that works for you, the app will automatically save it so it will appear in the correct spot next time.

Visual improvements – In version 3.1.12 of Reverse Lookup PLUS, we’ve improved the aesthetics of the caller id display. It now adapts to the theme chosen within Reverse Lookup PLUS itself – either dark or light depending on what you’ve chosen. The display is now also slightly transparent so you can still see all of your incoming call screen. We’ve also added the Reverse Lookup logo to the caller id display to better identify the source of the display.. there’s nothing more frustrating than to forget where a pop-up display originates from in case you want to disable it.

 A note for Marshmallow users – In Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0), you must ensure that Reverse Lookup PLUS has permission to draw over other applications. This should be enabled by default when you install the app, but if you’ve turned on caller ID in the app’s settings and aren’t seeing it during calls, following this procedure should solve your issue.

On devices running vanilla Android, you can set this in System Settings > Apps > Gear Icon > Draw Over Other Apps

On Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S7, it’s System Settings > Application Manager > More > Apps That Can Appear On Top

On other devices, the menus may have slightly different names, but the option should be in a similar place within the phone’s Application Settings.

Reverse Lookup Update Incoming


Hey all.. just a quick note to let you know we just began publishing Reverse Lookup 3.1.10. (also applies to Reverse Lookup PLUS)

This update is aimed at improving search results for some numbers.

We’re rolling this out slowly over the next few days, so keep an eye out.

As always, please email us if you encounter any issues with this new update.

Colordu is Back!


banner-largeColordu, our colorful twist on the classic puzzle Sudoku, is back on Google Play with an all new look and many improvements. The HTML5 version has also been updated.

As before, the game is completely free to play on the web or on your Android device.

Colordu Color Sudoku on Google Play

Christmas Catch Updated For 2015


santa christmas catch
Just in time for the big day, we’ve published an update to our little Christmas game, Christmas Catch, to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

The game features simple gameplay that’s perfect for kids or anyone that just has a few minutes to kill here and there. It also features a countdown to Christmas to help build anticipation.

The game is completely free with no in-app purchases, so download it today and enjoy it while you wait for Santa to arrive later this month!



Get it on Google Play